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Welcome to SAS Ethical Sourcing

Ethical produced, processed and purchased products. Its all about respecting and caring the producers and workers.

Goods are produced through transparent relationships that are built on trust and openness, and producers are compensated at a level that reflects the value of their hard work and that provides a living income for themselves and their families.

Breakthrough to Excellence

Next Generation Producers

SAS Ethical Sourcing is incorporated as enabler and chain of custody resource for the ethical products for conscious consumers world over. Its specialty is to establish a chain of custody of organic and Fairtrade certified materials.

SAS has professionals on its Management being Pioneers of establishing Fairtrade Environment and Conditions to get certified “First” production from Pakistan in 1997. Since it has developed processor certification for Fairtrade Cotton products(Apparel/Canvas Shoes).

Since Cotton lint bearing FLO-Fairtrade label has been imported into Pakistan for years for processing and then exporting as value added goods such as made ups, Apparel and footwear. We have established COC from “Farm to Retail Shop” to ensure the Fairtrade Conditions through out its supply chain.


Ethical Trade and Performance

A Celebration of Pride

Conscious consumers and socially responsible retailers are our potential clients for importing/purchasing FLO-FairTrade certified products with complete chain of custody. We, being pioneer in managing the FairTrade certified processing entities provide comprehensive solution for sports balls, dry fruits, rice, cotton seed, cotton products, garments, made-ups and socks.